Nestorbars evolved through the collaboration of two men who became friends while working projects in the construction industries. Russ Nestor Sr., who in his later years, was a demolition man and Mark Slafkovsky, a general construction contractor for 36 yrs.  Although a generation of age separated them, their core values sealed their bond.

Seeing conditions always changing in the construction trades, hardworking individuals with creative minds constantly have to evaluate the problems and set a course to continue on the path of efficiency and effectiveness.  So, out of necessity Russ created a tool to facilitate his requirement for easier deconstruction while Mark enhanced his idea for a broader spectrum of applications.  Together they formed a multi-purpose utility tool to accomplish a large array of lifting, prying and extraction tasks.

Both men truly believe that hard work, honesty, humility and compassion could make “The American Dream” of a simpler stable life, surrounded by family and friends obtainable. Sadly, Russ has since passed on to a better place but his memory remains in the hearts of those he encountered. When these gentlemen shook hands on this venture, Russ’s hopes were to secure a future for his grandchildren. Unfortunately, he never got to see the product go to market, but through the commitment of Mark to follow through on their hand shake, the two families of Nestor & Slafkovsky have come together to continue the legacy and the American dream.

Nestorbars has made a solid commitment to obtain product and services from companies in the USA.  Helping to “Rebuild America One Job at a Time” is our goal.  The mental health and financial stability of family, friends, neighbors and country depend on jobs!  When you purchase a Nestorbar you’re investing in our country along with the future of our next generation.

We would like to acknowledge the following industries with a big “THANK YOU” for your commitment to manufacturing here and supporting “Made in the U.S.A.”:

Steel Manufacturing

Welding Operations

Painting Operations

Shipping & Handling
Steel Extrusion

Welding Supplies

Open Die Forging

Paint Manufacturing

Box Manufacturing

“Teams win when they work together”. Join our team in striving to buy American Made Products.

We Sincerely Thank you,

The Slafkovsky and Nestor Families